Experiences rather than tours


Experiences rather than tours

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Bogotá and surroundings

Airport transfers, Zipaquira, Guatavita, Villa de Leyva, Suesca, Nemocon... anywhere u need to go... we take u there :) More info

Medellín and surroundings

Airport transfers, Guatapé, Santa Elena, Santa Fe de Antioquia... anywhere u need to go... we take u there :) More info

Cartagena and surroundings

Airport transfers, Mud volcano, Santa Marta, Tayrona Park, Barranquilla, Tolu... anywhere u need to go... we take u there :) More info

Unique experiences

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Biking Buddy Experience

Get to know the city and/or its surroundings biking. Wherever you want to go if we can get there biking we go.

Hiking Buddy Experience

A good way to get to know a place is to walk and enjoy the environment that surrounds it, let's go hiking in the mountains or in the towns close by.

country buddy

Country Buddy experience

Are you visiting different cities and parts of Colombia? Would you like somebody with good energy to accompany you all the way around. Take your Buddy to travel with you. 

Dancing Buddy Experience

Enjoy Colombia dancing. As you know, we are a country where we love to dance and we have different types of music that you should listen to like salsa, vallenato, champeta, etc.


Glutton Buddy Experience

Do you love food? Do you want to taste empanadas, arepas, tamales, juices, fruits typical dishes, etc. Go around with your buddy and eat as much as you can.


Cooking Buddy Experience

Prepare one of our typical Colombian dishes. In this country we not only have tons of vegetables and great fruits but also many different delicious meals. Get to know about our gastronomy with your Buddy.

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Crossover Buddy Experience

If you don't have anything in mind or you just want to wander around getting to know our culture, what we like and what we do, choose a multi task (crossover) Buddy.

mercado en monserrate

Shopping Buddy Experience

Wanting to go Shopping? Would you like a Buddy to accompany you around and have fun with you while buying all your favorite things? Go shopping with a Buddy!


Kidnapping Buddy Experience

Give us the chance to kidnap you for some days, weeks or months. Give us the chance to show you the Beauty of our country and our people.

Surroundings Buddy Expernce

Towns and wonderful places to explore around the cities.

Doctor Buddy Experience

Did you get sick in Colombia? do you need to attend a medical appointment? Would you like a Buddy to help you out with the language? Would you like some company during your recovery period?

New Year Buddy Experience

Are you looking for a familiar Colombian New Year experience? Do you want to know how do Colombian families celebrate and dance all night long? Celebrate with us. More info

What We Do

  • We adjust completely to your interests and budget
  • More than tours in Colombia, we provide local experiences
  • The Buddy is not a tour guide, he/she's your friend
  • Bus, private car, bicycle, taxi, feet, you choose
  • What to do in Colombia? we go beyond the touristic map

Payment and How We Work

  • On the way all the expenses are on you
  • We do not only visit the touristic places of Bogotá
  • We adjust the activities to your budget
  • We always try to get the best prices for you
  • When we finish you price the experience


Book your experience or ask us anything u need :)

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In development of the provisions of Article 17 of the Law 679 of 2001, Colombian Quest SAS and Colombian Buddy warn tourists that the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are criminally and administratively sanctioned, in accordance with the current laws.  If you want to get to know about our sustainability policy, contact us 24/7 via whatsapp or e-mail and we will gladly answer you