Here there are some ideas of activities to perform while being in Cartagena... it is possible to mix them according to your preferences and times. If u need any help JUST SCREAM!!!

Some Ideas for you to Visit if you are in Cartagena


Historical Center Buddy Experience

Cartagena is the city with more history in Colombia, come and see its hidden stories in this beautiful historic center and walled city


San Felipe Castle Buddy Experience

This majestic castle, is the real sample that takes us to a past of heroes who defended the city of Cartagena from the invading attacks. Come and feel the true story

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Crossover Buddy Experience

Cartagena is a city which we can walk, exercise, eat delicious and all in front of a beautiful sea accomplice of the best moments.

Beach Buddy Experience

If you want to enjoy the beach and relax in the tropics, Cartagena is the magical place to enjoy. We have many beaches that can Know and enjoy

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Glutton Buddy Experience

Fish of all kinds, exotic fruit juices and unique preparations are some of the things you can live in Cartagena, its cuisine is very famous and for all tastes


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Other services in Cartagena

Cartagena Airport Transfer

We pick you up from Rafael Núñez Cartagena airport to take you to your hotel, apartment or wherever you are staying Inside Cartagena. We wait for you right outside the customs area. 

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