Here there are some ideas of activities to perform while being in Medellin... it is possible to mix them according to your preferences and times. If u need any help JUST SCREAM!!!

Some Ideas for you to Visit if you are in Medellin

Medellin Buddy Experience

Get to know Medellín, its culture, its gastronomy, the party and enjoy its spectacular climate. 

parque arví

Nature and adventure Experience

In Medellin we can enjoy many outdoor activities and adventure. Enjoy parks such as Arvi park and beautiful green areas such as those in the botanical garden


Guatape and surroundings Experience

Medellin has many nearby places with incredible landscapes where we can make exercise, eat delicious, take photos and enjoy unique places like la piedra del peñol and more.

comunas en medellin

Comunas Buddy Experience

Medellin suffered a time of violence in which it was not possible to know and see many neighborhoods of the city but now we can appreciate the transformation that this beautiful city and the country has had.

bandeja paisa

Glutton Buddy Experience

The medellin gastronomy is well known for being delicious and abundant, we can eat the traditional bandeja paisa, the red beans and the arepa paisa. Enjoy with your buddy now


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Other Services in Medellin

Medellin Airport Transfer

We pick you up from the Medellin airport to take you to your hotel, apartment or wherever you are staying Inside Medellin. We wait for you right outside the customs area. 

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