New Year's Eve Family Celebration

Get to know how real Colombian families celebrate the new year in Bucaramanga

New Year's Eve Family Celebration

Get to know how real Colombian families celebrate the new year in Bucaramanga


The Experience

  • Where to spend new year's eve in Colombia? in a farm located in Floridablanca, which is a city right next to Bucaramanga in Colombia. It is an 8 hours drive from Bogota, and if you want we provide the transfer.
  • This new year's celebration experience is with an authentic Colombian Family that will receive you as another family member.
  • We want you to become Colombian for one day and enjoy the family time with us dancing, speaking, drinking, hugging, etc.
  • The new year's eve celebration begins around 22:00, and it can last more than one day.
  • At 00:00 we all cheer and give lots of hugs to each other, so be prepare to give and receive many hugs. 
  • The new year's eve dinner will be after 00:00, and it will be pork.
  • In our new year party we will hear all night long, and maybe longer, Colombian music.
  • Most of the family  sleeps in the farm and there are not enough beds, so nobody has a bed or mattress assigned, we just sleep in the empty bed or mattress we find in the house. If you don't want it, you can book a hotel.

What you should know

  • Since we are eating pork, this experience is not recommended for vegetarians.
  • Be ready to dance all night long, even if you don't know how to, if you are shy, this is not an experience for you. 
  • None of our family members consumes drugs... So this is a family event where no drugs are allowed.
  • The music will be very laud, so if you decide to stay in the farm, make sure it doesn't bothers you while sleeping.
  • As you will be another family member, if you decide to sleep in the farm, you won't have any assigned bed or mattress, you sleep in the empty one you find.
  • Many of the family members have dogs and they will join us too, so if you don't like dogs, this is not for you.
  • The temperature will range from 14 Celsius degrees at night to 26-28 Celsius degrees during the day. 

Transporation from other cities

  • If you are in Bogota and need transportation to Bucaramanga, we will leave the 30th at 22:00, the cost is 70.000 COP (25 USD) per person. 
  • From any other Colombian city you can take a plane or a bus.  Medellin (7 hours distance), Cartagena (10 hours distance), etc.

About money

  • The price is 190.000 COP (65 USD) + an aguardiente or a whisky bottle per person.
  • If you want to sleep in the farm, the price is 30.000 COP (10 USD) per night. That includes any place around the house to sleep and as many showers as you want. If you have a tent we have a lot of space to put it.
  • The price includes the dinner (pork shank, potato salad, sweet salad, dessert and soda), 12 grapes at 00:00, something to cheer at 00:00 and lunch the 1st of January if you are still there or you come again to join us.
  • If you stay more days with us in the farm, know that to buy the food and beverages for the extra days, all family members will be ask to put money for it, and this includes you. 
  • Usually all the family members put some money to buy the alcoholic beverages, however, with the aguardiente or whisky bottle of the price is enough. If you want to drink something different, please bring it with you. 
  • If you don't want to stay in the farm, just book a hotel, and to go back to your hotel you will need a taxi which price is not included. 


  • Wear yellow underwear, as most of us do for the good luck.
  • If you want to travel next year a lot, bring an empty bag with you, to go around the house with us. 
  • Wear something that has real gold, to put it in the glass to cheer at 00:00 (You won't eat it).
  • If you are sweet for mosquitos, bring repellent with you.
  • Try to rest during the day, so that you are not tired at night. 
  • Make sure you bring cash, with a high denomination, to have it in your pockets at 00:00.
  • If possible, wear new nice clothes, as all of as do. It can be elegant, casual, whatever you feel more comfortable with. 
  • Do not forget that we dance a lot, so, bring comfortable shoes with you.



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