Experiences in Bogota

Biking Buddy Experience

Get to know Bogota around biking, wherever you want to go if we can get there biking we go. Bogota has a great bike network and you can enjoy it with your Buddy. More Info

Coffee Buddy Experience

Colombia is a Coffee land and close to Bogota we have a place for you to experience the whole process of the coffee and to taste the best coffee in the world with your Buddy. More info

Shopping Buddy Experience

Wanting to go Shopping in Bogota? Would you like a Buddy to accompany you around and have fun with you while buying all your favorite things? Go shopping with a Buddy! More info

Hiking Buddy Experience

A good way to get to know a place is to walk and enjoy the environment that surrounds it, let's go hiking in the mountains of Bogota or in the towns close by. More info

Surroundings Buddy Experience

Zipaquira Salt Cathedral, Nemocón Salt Mine, Villa de Leyva, Guatavita, Sopo, Tenjo, Tabio, Choachi, wherever you want to go, go with your Colombian Buddy. More info


Sports Buddy Experience

Do you want to play tennis, squash, soccer, etc. in Bogotá? Do you love sports and do you like watching them even live or on TV in a bar? Enjoy it with a Buddy.

Glutton Buddy Experience

Do you love food? Do you want to taste empanadas, arepas, tamales, juices, fruits typical dishes, etc. Go around with your buddy and eat as much as you can. More info

Flowers Buddy Experience

Colombia is famous for many reasons; coffee, gold, emeralds, landscapes and the charm of its people, but little can create as much admiration as the quality and variety of its flowers, that makes Colombia one of the world's top flower producers.


Karaoke Buddy Experience

Do you like singing? Would you like to practice your Spanish while having fun? Would you like to go to a Karaoke in Bogota and sing all night long with your Buddy? Don't be shy, let's sing together.

2013-01-26 01.23.25

Dancing Buddy Experience

Enjoy Bogota dancing. As you know, we are a country where we love to dance and we have different types of music that you should listen to like salsa, vallenato, champeta, etc.


Cooking Buddy Experience

Do not only taste but prepare one of our typical Colombian dishes or the food you choose. In this country we not only have tons of vegetables and great fruits but also many different delicious meals. Get to know about our gastronomy with your Buddy.

Museums Buddy Experience

Let us accompany you to visit the Gold Museum, the Botero Museum, the Nacional Museum, the Santa Clara Museum, The Museum of Modern Art of Bogota, the Police Museum, etc.

Emerald Buddy Experience

In one or two days we take you to explore the emerald region to get to know all the process and the stories around this precious stones. We can also promise you wonderful landscapes and contact with the local culture.

Fruits, Plants and Coffee Experience

During this experience we will take you to a Colombian Farm where you will have the opportunity to see different fruit plantations and the entire coffee process. This will be accompanied by beautiful landscapes and an authentic Colombian coffee cup. More info

2016-02-15 16.34.32

Crossover Buddy Experience

If you don't have anything in mind or you just want to wander around getting to know our culture, what we like and what we do, choose a multi task (crossover) Buddy.


Doctor Buddy Experience

Did you get sick in Bogota? do you need to attend a medical appointment? Would you like a Buddy to help you out with the language? Would you like some company during your recovery period?



Andres Buddy Experience

Get to know one of the most famous restaurants in Latin America, with a very complete menu and an impressive decoration and atmosphere. We can visit either the one inside Bogota or the original one that is in a town called Chia.

Salt Cathedral Buddy Experience

It is the most visited place by tourist in Colombia and a place of pilgrimage in the country. This underground Salt Cathedral is considered one of the most notable achievements of Colombian architecture.


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Other Services in Bogotá

Bogota Airport Transfer

We pick you up from El Dorado Bogota airport to take you to your hotel, apartment or wherever you are staying Inside Bogota. We wait for you right outside the customs area. 

More info

Bogota Transfers

To know the different towns near Bogota, the salt mine of zipaquira, the coffee farm, rent the vehicle all day in Bogota and do many things more, book with us and start traveling

More info


Bogota Bike Rental

If you want to bike Bogota by yourself or you need a bike for any reason, you can rent the bicycle from us. Our bicycles are standard, not professional bikes, they have a lock.

  • 1-3 hours $25.000 COP
  • 4-6 hours $40.000 COP
  • 6-12 hours $60.000 COP.

In development of the provisions of Article 17 of the Law 679 of 2001, Colombian Quest SAS and Colombian Buddy warn tourists that the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are criminally and administratively sanctioned, in accordance with the current laws.  If you want to get to know about our sustainability policy, contact us 24/7 via whatsapp or e-mail and we will gladly answer you