Bike Bogota your way with us


Bike Bogota your way with us

Explore Bogota biking… There is no fixed route, you tell us what you want and if there are any special places you would like to visit, for us to propose you a plan. The duration varies depending on what you want, it can take, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,...12 hours (it is not all the time biking, we can make short and long stops).

Some Places & Activities

Here there are some places we can visit and some activities we can perform during our Buddy Bike Experience, however, note that we can always adapt to your interests... for example, if you just want to visit churches... or if you just want the bike to be the transportation mean to go to play basketball with your buddy... or if you want to explore any town close to Bogota and you just love biking, etc. 


Botanical Garden

Get to know Colombia's national tree, the wax palm, have a nice view of the park and enjoy nature. 



A neighborhood characterized by its Spanish colonial style architecture, full of restaurants, bars and nice places.


La Candelaria

This is the historical part of Bogota, what people would call the "old city", full of museums, churches and buildings with Spanish colonial architecture



One of the most important commercial and economic zones of the city. It is also the center of Bogota's gay community, with more than 100 bars, discos and clubs.


93 Park

It is one of Bogota’s most popular commercial and recreational parks, surrounded by nightclubs and restaurants.


Park Way Avenue

Boulevard framed in beautiful architectural proposals of the mid twentieth century, with new theater creative trends, gastronomy and leisure.



On Sundays, there are some spots through the city, in the ciclovia (some streets are closed just for bikes from 7am to 2pm), where you can do aerobics, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, etc. 


National University

Visit Colombia's most important public university and learn a little bit about the education in our country


Paloquemao Market

A typical Colombian market, where you can get to know not only about fruits, vegetables and flowers but about Colombian Culture. 


Lourdes Square

It is the most representative in chapinero's neighborhood, this square has a gothic style church known for its architecture, artworks and its windows.



Traditional neighborhood in the heart of Bogota, during the day it is a very quiet, but at night all the bars, karaokes and discos make it a lively area, worth to be visited.


La Macarena

Besides having excellent restaurants, bars and coffee shops, we can see there Bogota’s Bullring (Plaza de Toros Santamaria) and the Planetarium.


La Merced Neighborhood

It is an English Neo-Gothic neighborhood of remarkable architectural value, where the houses are characterized by the brick textures.


Simon Bolivar Park

Bogota's lungs and the most important urban park in the city, it is an entertainment and sports complex. 



This is what we call a compensation house,a benefit that Colombian employees have, it is a big sports and entertaiment complex.


T Zone

Bogota's Pink Zone, this neighborhood is full of pubs, discos, malls, shops and restaurants, including Andres DC, the most famous disco in the city.  


Virrey Park

A lineal park located in the north of Bogota that has cardio and muscle training equipment. Perfect for picnics and usually used for a gastronomic festival.


La Florida Park

It is a 200 hectares (494 acres) park, in the Southwestern part of Bogota, with sports facilities, kiosks and camping zones.



It is a quiet, small town close to Bogota, where we can do some mountain biking and have a view of a beautiful landscape from the mountain.

Some Bike Paths

Bogota is one of the cities with the largest bike networks in the world, here are some pictures, there are many others. We want you to know that we might also take some routes that are shared with cars, however, if you don't feel comfortable doing that, we can always get off and walk.

Carrera-19 ciclovia
Carrera-11 ciclovia
Calle-42 ciclovia
Carrera-13 ciclovia
Calle-116 ciclovia
Calle-36 ciclovia
Carrera-11-con-Calle-75 ciclovia
Calle-45 ciclovia


Let's bike Bogota Together

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