Coffee Buddy Experience

Know About Coffee Know About Colombia

Coffee Buddy Experience

Know About Coffee Know About Colombia

This experience might take us the whole journey... We go to a Coffee farm (it takes usually 2 hours from Bogotá), either by bus or by car,  where they show us, in about two hours, all the process of the coffee, since it is a plant until it is served. On the way there or on the way back, we can make different stops to appreciate nature, landscapes, waterfalls, etc. (it depends on the coffee farm chosen for that day). If you are full of energy and want to have a longer trip, we can also visit other towns close by, that usually have a warmer temperature than in Bogota, there we might have a swimm or perform different activities, even extreme ones. On the way, everything is at your expense, food, transportation (gas and tolls), tickets, insurance, etc. For you and for your buddy. At the end you receive an envelope with a satisfaction survey, so you put the form together with the money in it, seal it, give it back to us, and that's it. As in all our tours, if you don't like it you just don't pay it, you just have to tell us what we did wrong in order to improve the next experiences. 


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It is the only payment we ask for in advance, just before we start the tour. You either put the money in our moneybox if we start the tour at our office, or you give it to your buddy if the starting point is different. It is just $5000 COP for each person, which is about 1.9 USD or 1.7 EUR. We know you might have your own international insurance but we want to make sure that in case something happens we can take care of you in the best way. We will need  a picture of your passport before we start, it can be sent through email or WhatsApp +57 3176591078, your buddy can take the picture when you meet and send it to us or we can scan it at the office, the reason is that we need to send the information to the insurance company on time (that means before you start), for everything to be alright.


The insurance includes medical treatment for accident, medical care for illness, outpatient drugs, dental expenses for accident, among others. If you want to know more about the amounts and everything that is included just tell us and we will gladly send you information.


Give us the chance to hear from you

Whatsapp: +57 3176591078

Telephone: + 57 1 7968389


Address: calle 28 #13A-24 Office: 503

Bogota, Colombia

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